Majestic SEO Site Explorer – How does it compare?

Majestic SEO Site Explorer is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze and explore various aspects of a website's backlink profile.

Majestic SEO Site Explorer – How does it compare?

A review of Majestic SEO Site Explorer

In my last blog post I wrote about what I believe are the five top tools to review backlinks. They demonstrate the strength of all your backlinks compared to other competitors. In this overview, we've taken an in-depth look at the Majestic SEO Backlink history which is useful for the comparison of competitors against clients on a high-level. However, since the time of this review Majestic now has a brand-new tool called it's called the Majestic Site Explorer.

It is now in its fourth month of beta testing I find that Majestic Site Explorer is a very useful tool to conduct top-level reviews of your competitors. I'd also suggest that it be used for regularly scheduled periodic or quarterly health checks for your company and your SEO initiatives of your agency. It would be helpful to contrast both in more in depth, since their services differ in many ways.

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Majestic SEO Site Explorer Overview

The primary benefit of Majestic Site Explorer is the top-level back-link information that will aid in understanding the links that make up every site. The benefit of this system is that with just the span of a few clicks, you'll view similar top level information however at a page level. Understanding how backlinks are distributed across sites is essential to understand, even at a high level. The tool also breaks down the top domains linking to a specific site, helping you (again at the top level and based on the number of links, not necessarily the high quality) identify the most influential domains that link to a site. Overall, the tool provides the most comprehensive report-oriented view of the website. It is possible to browse across different websites and comparing the important metrics can help gain clarity about the competition landscape and may help guide actions at a strategic level.

The key differences between SEOmoz and SEOmoz

While I am a more frequent than average user (personally) for the Majestic SEO tool kit I believe SEOmoz are doing a much better job in marketing their product and making an impact on the market. However, I believe that using services like Uservoice or GetSatisfaction as well as making their products available to a an extremely active market could aid them in creating truly amazing products. If you are focusing on those Site Explorer products and not focusing on the other features are:

  • SEOMOZ lets anchor text analysis at the level of the website
  • It is worth noting that the MajesticSEO link index is greater than SEOmoz (though it is dated on several instances, with sites that have been removed but still being included listed in the index. So long as it isn't changed, then it's okay since you're constantly comparing apples with apples)
  • SEOMOZ is focused on the top 1000 (for traditional accounts)
  • SEOMOZ makes it easy to compare SEOMOZ with other websites (this could be an area in which both services can improve on)

How we use Majestic SEO Site Explorer

Two main routes lead to access our Site Explorer:

  • Learn and easily compare the top-level metrics of various campaigns
  • Get quick insight into asking the appropriate questions and explore the most relevantareas further

The first application is useful when trying to show the performance of competitors and highlight areas that require further investigation This is something we will employ during the first consultations or in the beginning of our investigation work. Another important benefit of this tool is that quick comparisons usually identify trends or opportunities that can lead to particular investigation, which can cut through long hours of searching through large amounts of information.

A good example would be that a competitor is currently thriving and has an abundance of backlinks for educational purposes and only a small percentage of the links originate from images. It's evident that you should investigate how your competitor is able to achieve this feat, and whether it can be replicated, or if it's simpler to target keywords that are not related to the one you're targeting is a better approach. The best thing about report from the site explorer is how they affect and aid in focusing, both tools provide a wealth of data, but the most important thing is the way that data is arranged to create an idea that can be implemented to benefit your company...

Majestic SEO Review: How Does This Link Building Tool Stack Up?

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