Majestic SEO Review: How Does This Link Building Tool Stack Up?

Majestic SEO is a powerful tool that is used for backlink analysis and site exploration. It offers a thorough analysis of how backlinks are positioned on each website.

Majestic SEO Review: How Does This Link Building Tool Stack Up?

 This is a thorough analysis of the most powerful SEO.

This article will go over the most important information you need to be aware of, such as:

  • The most important characteristics of Majestic SEO
  • Plans and prices
  • What is it like with other tools to build links?
  • If it's worth the price
  • There's more!

So, with no delay, let's dive into.

Majestic Seo Group Buy- Backlink Checker & Link Building Tool

What Is Majestic SEO?

Majestic SEO is defined as an SEO software tool which is specialized in the analysis of hyperlinks.

And Majestic is entirely focused on backlinks, unlike Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz Pro.

In a different way: Majestic isn't an all-in-one tool for optimizing search engines, SEO website audits and SEO on-page analysis.

It's all about backlinks.

Furthermore, as they are focused on linking analysis more than any other aspects, they assert that they are the top backlink checker instrument.

Let me put this claim against the wall a more later.

But at the moment, I'd like to point out that Majestic is an application that is primarily an application to build hyperlinks.

After we've got this out of the first step, let's take further look at's primary characteristics.

Site Explorer Summary

Site Explorer summary: Site Explorer summary is where you will find a summary of a site's linking profile.

On this page, you will look over a number of metrics available that you have looked at, such as:

  • #Trust Flow
  • #Citation Flow
  • #Topical Trust Flow
  • #External Backlinks
  • #Referring Domains
  • #Referring IP Addresses
  • #Crawled URLs
  • #Indexed URLs
  • #Plus

In the sense that this page is meant to allow users to peruse the link profile of a website and examine the key indicators of a link (like the flow of trust).

If you select "subdomain", "Path" or "URL", from the dropdown menu, you'll learn more regarding the link to the specific page.

Topics Report

"Topics" report "Topics" report is Majestic's method for determining what the website's content is.

What's fascinating regarding this option is it's that It's interesting to note thatit doesn't determine the subject matter of your site by the data you provide . It's really dependent on the sources you use to get your backlinks from.

For instance, Backlinko is a marketing blog. The majority of my backlinks come from niche websites such as those in the "Computers / Internet / Web Design and Development" and "Business / Marketing and Advertising" areas.

This is a unique feature. It's a unique featureI've never found anywhere else to build links. .

There's something in there. Google may make use of the websites linking to your website to determine the topic of your site. Also, to establish your authority in this area.

Let's imagine, for instance, that your site is focused on health and fitness. The majority of your links come originate from fitness and health sites.

For search engines like Google this indicates that your website's content is relevant to this subject. It also signifies that you're an acknowledged expert in this area.

Also, yes I've tried nearly all SEO tool on the market. It's a unique feature that only Majestic SEO seems to have.

Referring Domains

Domains that are referred to can be compared with other tools for analyzing links. It's an list of domains linked to your website.

You can sort the results according to trust flow, citation Flow Top-level domains and more.

If you click the link number in "backlinks", you can find the exact pages which are connecting to you.

One thing that confused me I was a bit confused by that "backlinks" number itself. Do you think this refers to the number of backlinks the site has in total? Or, the number of times they've hyperlinked to you?

There aren't too many reasons when using the software (I'll list a variety of examples within the Majestic SEO review).

In any event the information provided is questionable at most. For instance check out the internet at this site which links directly to my site.

According to Majestic this domain contains 327.599 links back to it. Or, it has been linked to me 327,599 times.

No matter how you interpret the number it doesn't make sense. The blog is very well-known. But I can confirm that the blog does not boast over 300k links (which is quite a bit). It's impossible that they've linked to my site more than three times within 327 thousand.

This is correct Referring domains is an essential feature of any link software for building. However, I was somewhat puzzled by the domain referring numbers that I observed on Majestic.

Referring Domains

Domains linking to your website share a commonality with other tools for analyzing hyperlinks. It's an listing of domains that link to your site.

A user is able to filter results based on Trust Flow and Citation flow Top-level domains and other variables.

Clicking on the link number under "backlinks", you can see the exact pages that connect with you.

A thing which frightened me was being puzzled by the "backlinks" number itself. Does it refer to the amount of backlinks that the site is able to have in all? Or, the number of times they've linked directly to your site?

The software doesn't provide a ton of information regarding the use of the software (I'll give a range of examples in this Majestic SEO review).

What ever it may be, it's distorted in the best way. For instance you can check this site that has hyperlinks to my personal use.

Based on Majestic the domain has 327.599 hyperlinks back on the site.

However you view the number, it's absurd. The blog is widely known. However, I'm absolute certainty that it does not possess more than 30k backlinks (which seems like a huge lot). It's impossible of knowing whether they've visited my blog at least three times in 327 000.

It is true. the concept of referring domains is an important component of any software used to build connections. However, I was confused by the domain names that I observed in Majestic.

Majestic's Backlinks Report

It's nothing than the information you'll find in Moz Professional or Ahrefs. It's basically an overview of the website's"Backlink" Profile.

Similar to the report on domains that refer to it. It is possible to sort or filter results in a variety of ways.

For example, you can filter the list of hyperlinks according to a particular category, so that you can focus on backlinks with trust flows that are low or high. Also, look up deleted backlinks to gain a better understanding of the backlink history on a particular website.

Like other SEO software, it is in a position to download this information as a CSV sheet or Excel sheet.

Alongside Trust Flow and Majestic's other proprietary "Flow Metrics" , I would like to be aware that they track the number of external hyperlinks that are included on each web page that links you with.

This is the only thing that's.

It's vital because many people believe that pages that have five external links are more effective than pages with more than 150. It's because pages that have greater than 150 links from outside could "leak" more PageRank.

The isn't entirely amazed by this idea. But, it's a fantastic feature that I've only encountered in Majestic. Therefore I'm bringing this on the table.

Context Report

It took me a bit of time to understand. It's not easy to figure out how to utilize this feature at first.

My impression in this piece is it provides the most thorough analysis of each hyperlink on the profile of a site.

After clicking the URL after which you'll look up the list of names.

These tags inform you whether the link is new or old dofollow/follow as well as the number of external links present on the page and more.

The issue wasn't the issue that was throwing my mind away. It's pretty simple to understand.

The thing I did not understand at first was what they call "Link Density charts".

After having read about them I was able to get the idea.

These are a way to determine the place the hyperlink can be found on a website.

For instance, it is obvious that the site has many hyperlinks that are both low as well as extremely high.

There aren't any hyperlinks available on the page.

My website's URL is in that thin space (it's shown in the box with green highlights):

It means my site isn't stuffed in an abundance of hyperlinks, either internal or external. It's what you'll find in the page of resources or one of the pages called index.

It's an editorial link that's part of the text.

If you look through the entire page, it'll be clear what's happening

Some are in the middle (here's mine).

Then, there are some additional links inside the bottom.

Do you think this is awesome? Definitely. I'm not certain of is the reason behind this feature is. It's just another Majestic SEO feature that I've not experienced with or any other program.

Anchor Text Breakdown

The anchor text is one of the commonly utilized anchortext utilized by people who wish to link to a specific website (or domain).

This kind of feature is available is included in every link tool used for creating.

But I love the massive Word Cloud. It lets users view the most used words in the anchor text of the site's profile.

One aspect I'd like to add is to be aware of the percentages of the various phrases.

The give you the full list of anchor text.

But, you'll be unable to scan the list and say: "OK, 50% of the links use this term in the anchor text".

It is this information found contained in the Site Explorer summary report.

But, the strange thing is that you receive lower anchor text data from"the"real "anchor text" tag.

It's a unknown mystery that remains unsolved.

The exact percentage of the anchor text on the site within"the "anchor text" report isn't an issue. This is a sign of the fact that Majestic's UX isn't working as it should (more about this in the near future ).

Majestic SEO Flow Metrics: Trust Flow, Citation Flow and More

There's no way a Majestic SEO review would be sufficient without a discussion for their own metrics they use for linking.

I'll briefly review these aspects below:

Trust Flow: The Trust Flow Metric by Majestic is a variant from TrustRank. It's the total number of hyperlinks that a website receives from a set of carefully selected "seed sites". In addition, there are sites that contain links from these seed websites. I believe that Google utilizes something similar (but far more sophisticated) in their algorithm. There might be a reason for something that's in the.

Citation Flow fundamentally Domain Authority. If you receive many backlinks from trustworthy websites, the number of backlinks that you will receive will increase.

Topical Trust flow is in which Majestic examines the kind of websites you receive hyperlinks to through. Naturally you'll require backlinks from trusted websites. Additionally, you'll require backlinks from like-minded sites. This measure will allow you to determine which websites contain hyperlinks to your site.

Is Majestics's Link Index As Big as They Claim?

I wanted to review quickly Majestic's information about hyperlinks for the three Majestic choices to SEO: Ahrefs, SEMrush and Moz Pro.

In this short review, I've compared with the amount of websites I was referred to as well as backlinks each tool lists for my site,

It's obvious that I'm unable to conclude a conclusion based on the studies of these two websites.

On the basis of this tiny study, Majestic SEO looks to be similar to the leading tools for checking the backlinks. But it's certainly not the most efficient in finding links. It's also slightly unsure of their claim of having the most backlinks.

Majestic SEO Support

Majestic SEO review has focused only on certain aspects.

But I was thinking of using Majestic's Help Desk. I usually contact support several times before I decide to sign in to it. To determine the best way to make the most from it. or gain more understanding of the meaning of the term "metric.

The final choice is that I assess the tool primarily in terms of the services they offer.

I decided it was worthwhile to test Majestic's assistance for this article.

In this case I emailed this message to request assistance.

Thanks for the reply! The person who sent the email utilized my website as an example. Therefore, I'm confident that this wasn't an unspecific response that was using templates. Overall the individual did a great and thorough job of resolving my problem.

Based on this particular incident, I'd give it a High (A+) score for customer support.

Majestic SEO Pricing

The Monthly pricing breakdown of Majestic:

If you don't require API access or API access You're looking at two plans that consist of Pro ($49.99/month) and Pro ($99.99/month). and Pro ($99.99/month).

Plans are a lot less expensive than Majestic's two largest rivals: Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Ahrefs as well as SEMrush both start at 99$/month

The bottom line is that Majestic SEO's Lite plan isn't as expensive in comparison to Ahrefs as well as SEMrush.

Majestic SEO: Things That I Like

Here are a few things I enjoyed about Majestic SEO.

Special Features A few of them aren't described in a clear manner. And they could not be of great use for the majority of users. However, the truth is that Majestic includes special features that aren't available in every other SEO tools. For instance it is the only SEO tool has anything like the Majestic's Context Report.

Exclusive Link Metrics Trust Flow. Citation Flow. Topical Trust Flow. These are the only metrics that are available in Majestic.

It's obvious the Citation Flow metric is basically "Domain Authority" in Moz Pro and "Domain Rating" in Ahrefs. This implies that the two metrics don't have a distinct. Yet, Trust Flow and Topical Flow are completely unique in Majestic SEO. They're also extremely well-designed.

Fast and friendly support One interaction with Majestic's client support has been inspirational even to feeling awestruck.

Backlink Index: Majestic's most recent index and the old index are both reliable. The link crawler that comes from Majestic might not be as effective according to their claims. But their index is in line with the likes to Moz Pro, Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Majestic SEO: What I Don't Like

The following are the top significant aspects I do not like about Majestic SEO.

UX Majestic UX Majestic's user interface appears outdated. It's similar to Geocities's old design. It's not solely about design (although the interface is awfully outdated).

The standard UX can be complicated and confusing and can be completely broken.

This is a quote from someone who's worked in the SEO field for many decades. Therefore, I know what functions and features are accomplished in other tools I've worked with. If you're new to SEO and aren't acquainted with Majestic and its features, you'll be in a bind to begin making use of Majestic. This is before you begin to think about how you could reap the most benefits from Majestic.

I've provided a number of examples of a poor UX in the Majestic SEO review. This is why I don't discuss it repeatedly. For me the poor UX is the most significant issue for Majestic's.

Incomplete with Poor Data Plainly Out with Bad Data There are a variety of SEO programs that can appear different in the data they offer. That's normal. But, I've come across some instances where Majestic's information is totally incorrect.

As per Majestic the website Majestic, Backlinko has 619,110 index URLs.

In reality, my site has 240 URLs indexed in Google.

Again, I’m not expecting this number to be 100% accurate. But when the number is that far off, it makes me question the tool’s data as a whole.

UX Write: It's one thing to have a user interface that is difficult to make use of. What's more is that these functions lack explanation or aren't even explained.

While researching for the Majestic SEO review I ran through a myriad of metrics, reports, and features that were not easy to understand. Also, the explanations were not helpful.

features that are useless: It seems like the Majestic SEO team just throws several things at the wall to find what sticks. The result is that the platform is bloated with features that do not serve any use. One of the most effective examples of a useless feature I've encountered is "Business Profile":

The Bottom Line: My Majestic SEO Review

Overall, I can't recommend Majestic SEO.

As the old saying goes: "you get what you pay for". This certainly is the case here.

Although Majestic is priced at half the cost of Ahrefs but it's not less effective.

If you're looking for a professional-level SEO tool, Majestic is light years further behind Ahrefs as well as Moz Pro. It doesn't have the standard features (like an instrument for keyword research as well as SERP analytics) which the majority of other top software tools come with.

Furthermore that, the attributes Majestic has offer are often complex, broken or aren't explained clearly (and often it's all of the above).

If you're committed to SEO and want to make it a success, you're better off using SEMrush and Ahrefs. If you're on very tight budget, you'd prefer something similar to Ubersuggest.

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