What Is Guest Blogging? Janet Jackson Seo

Guest blogging is a great way to get your name out there and build relationships with other bloggers. as well as the blog’s rules.

What Is Guest Blogging? Janet Jackson Seo

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is the practice of writing and publishing a blog post on another person or company’s website. Most guest bloggers receive credit for their post (and a link to their website) in their author byline.

Why Is Guest Blogging Important?

Guest blogging is vital as it enables you build relationships with others for your enterprise, disclose your logo to a brand new target market, pressure referral traffic in your website, set up your self as a idea leader, and build doubtlessly SEO-boosting inbound links for your internet site.

Best Practices For Guest Blogging

Let’s take a look at a few best practices for guest blogging.

1. Pitch relevant websites

Guest blogging can expose your brand to a new audience, but this won’t help you unless you pitch websites with audiences that are interested in your brand and the topic you’re writing about.

The good news is you have got plenty of approaches to find relevant web sites.

One of the quickest and easiest is to use Ahrefs’ Content Explorer, a searchable database of billions of web pages complete with SEO and social metrics.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Content Explorer
  • Enter a broad keyword or phrase related to your niche
  • Select In title from the drop-down menu
  • Run the search
  • Click the One page per domain filter
  • Click the Exclude homepages filter
  • Click the Exclude subdomains filter

For example, if you run a blog about home decor or sewing, you might search for “quilting fabric” to find blogs that have talked about this exact topic:

The idea here is that if a website has published a blog post about a topic related to the one you want to pitch, the chances of them being open to it are high.

2. Pitch sites with traffic

Guest blogging helps get your brand in front of a new audience and drive referral traffic to your website, but both of those things are only likely to happen if the site you write for actually gets traffic.

That’s why we recommend finding sites with a minimum of a few thousand organic visits per month.

Here’s how to filter your Content Explorer results for those sites:

  • Click Add filter
  • Select Website Traffic
  • Enter a minimum amount of traffic (e.g., 10,000)

You should then only see web pages from sites that get at least an estimated 10K monthly organic visits:

High traffic sites to write for via Ahrefs’ Content Explorer

3. Pitch multiple sites at once

No matter how good your pitch is, the harsh reality of guest blogging is that many blogs will ignore your email because most are inundated with guest post pitches daily. They definitely don’t have time to respond to everyone.

For that reason, if you want to increase your odds of getting published, you should never pitch just one site at a time.

As a general rule of thumb, if you want to write and publish one guest post, you should pitch at least 5-10 sites. You may end up with multiple sites giving you the green light, but it’s always better to have many options than none.

To pitch a website, reach out via email to the owner, editor, marketing manager, content director, or whoever is in charge of the blog. In your outreach email, include a quick guest post pitch that includes:

  • #Who you are.
  • #What you want to write about.
  • #Why you’re the best person to write it.

Use our guide to finding email addresses if you’re struggling to find the one for the person you’re trying to contact.


Does guest blogging still work?

Yes, but it’s more difficult to land guest posts than it was once, as many internet site proprietors should sift thru a flood of mediocre guest submit pitches each day. However, if you may wreck through the noise with a extremely good pitch, you’ll nonetheless enjoy the benefits of guest blogging: publicity to a new target market, new relationships, referral visitors, and one-way links.

How much do guest bloggers get paid?

If you figure with noticeably reliable magazines and guides, you can receives a commission in your guest submit, however usually, internet site owners don’t pay bloggers for guest posts. This is because visitor blogging has countless different advantages, so maximum entrepreneurs are inclined to do it for free.

Is guest blogging bad for SEO?

Google’s Matt Cutts posted an infamous weblog put up in 2014 proclaiming that “visitor running a blog is accomplished.” But he turned into often regarding the low-quality visitor running a blog that many SEOs were the use of at the time, in which they published low-nice posts on questionable web sites for hyperlink-constructing functions simplest. Writing a helpful, precious weblog publish for an established, authoritative website with a relevant audience can nevertheless help your SEO a outstanding deal—and is extremely not going to harm it.

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