Get Started With Search Console

Search console tools, reports and other features allow you to analyze your site's Search performance and traffic.

Get Started With Search Console

Search Console is a tool provided by Google that will help any website owner know how they're performing in Google Search and also the ways they can improve their visibility on the search engine to draw more targeted users to their site.

Search Console offers details on how Google crawls indexes and crawls websites. It can aid site owners monitor and improve Search performance.

There's no need to sign up to the tool on a daily basis. If there are any new issues discovered through Google on your website You'll get an email notification from Search Console alerting you. You should review your account every month or whenever you make changes to the content of your website to ensure that the information is secure. Find out how to managing your website using Search Console.

To begin Follow these steps:

  1. Verify the ownership of the site. Access all the details Search Console makes available. Find out more about ways to verify the ownership of your website.
  2. This is crucial that Google can locate and understand the pages of your site. Index coverage report index coverage reports provides a summary of all pages Google indexes or attempted to index on your website. 
  3. Check mobile usability issues Google discovered on your site. The Mobile Usability Report exposes issues that could hinder the experience of your customers surfing your website using the go with a mobile.
  4. Think about creating a sitemap for Search Console. The pages on your website will be indexed through Google with no effort. But, submitting a sitemap through Search Console might speed up the search engine's ability to find your site. If you choose to make it available through the tool it will allow you to check the details related to the sitemap. Find out about Sitemaps document.
  5. Check the performance of your website. This Search Performance Report will show how much traffic is coming via Google Search, including breakdowns into pages, queries and countries. In each of these breakdowns you can track trends in clicks, impressions and other metrics.

Overview of Google Search Console

If the phrase "Google Webmaster Tools" is a familiar sound or ring a bell, then you be aware of the meaning behind what Google Search Console is. It was created in the year Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) was made a necessity tool for various types of users apart from webmasters -SEOs, marketing professionals and business owners, app developers and designers to name a few people Google changed its name in order to better reflect its many users.

If you're not familiar with GWT and Google Search Console yet, we'll take a trip right back in time to where we started.

Google Search Console a "no-cost service" that lets you obtain a wealth of information about your site and the users who visit the site. It can be used to determine how many users are visiting your website and the way they find it, if more users are using the mobile or desktop and what pages on your website are most popular. It will also help in identifying and fixing errors on your site and the submission of the sitemap or reviewing your robots.txt file.

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