Best 4 challenges SEO marketing for 2023

Content marketers frequently have to learn how to stay ahead of the Google algorithm, which could affect their efforts. This makes the process of optimizing search engines a struggle.

Best 4 challenges SEO marketing for 2023

SEO strategy was one of the top priorities of marketers attending the HubSpot Inbound 2022 User Conference. Search engines are used by people to locate the information they seek, and sites that appear on the first page of results for keywords can attract lots of traffic. Marketers need to know what they can do to improve their content to be search engine friendly in order to increase their page's rankings.

Some of the most important SEO issues marketers are faced with include algorithm updates as well as AI insufficiently developed performance, slow results and the use of excessive tools.

1. Google algorithm updates

Google adjusts its algorithm to search every year at least once and can impact organizations' web-based traffic. The algorithm, however, evaluates various factors -- such as the quality of links to content, speed of site and the quality of content -- and many marketers who attended Inbound stated that they've struggled trying to stay up-to date with new rules.

"From March to this point, we've noticed an increase of 20% in organic traffic for all of our clients, which isn't exactly a good sign," said Gracie DeSantis who is an inbound marketing specialist from Vye the marketing company. "It's as if we're asking ourselves, is this some kind of thing we're doing at the agency?

Marketing teams aren't in control of the Google algorithm but they do have control over the way they react. Businesses looking to improve their SEO practices should not only be aware on what Google is saying publicly concerning its algorithm, but additionally create a strong image to establish credibility in their respective markets.

To create a strong image, companies can provide the tools online for free, Patel said. Tools for free, such as plagiarism checkers and calories calculators, are likely to result in a large number of brand-related queries on Google from those who wish to utilize the tool which can increase the authority of a brand and search engine optimization ranking.

What Is The Meaning Of Google Algorithm Updates

2. Artificial intelligence

Nearly every industry utilizes AI in the same way and marketing isn't an one of them. While AI-powered SEO tools may assist marketers in locating alternative keywords and produce variant anchor words, they typically have a difficult time producing complex content on their own.

"It's difficult to train AI to write a complete article in the present due to the fact that the technology isn't there yet," said Dale Bertrand who is the co-founder and president of Fire&Spark advertising agency. "What we've seen is that it's just going to the right direction."

Even though it's not able to write complete pieces, AI can still assist writers in creating content. For instance, it is able to create title tags, subheads as well as other text that writers are able to edit, edit and add to.

"It was the norm that, when I wrote the article I'd select the keyword, create an outline, and then write the piece," Bertrand said. "Now I ask an application with the keyword, and it suggests additional keywords and queries that I can use in my headings. Additionally, it suggests paragraphs and sentences. After that, I must let a person modify it."

Marketing teams also can make use of AI to create what Bertrand refers to as "efficient information." It could include pages for comparison and templates, or FAQs, in which case the AI is able to produce better quality versions of the kind of content that you need, Bertrand said.

3. Slow results

SEO strategies can assist businesses boost traffic to their websites, but it can take a long time for results to become apparent. They are dependent on many aspects like the quality of content and its quantity, page authority and UX for the site and all of these require time to create.

Many business leaders underestimate the length of time they have to wait for traffic improvement as claimed by Cole Godsey, senior marketing manager at 121eCommerce which helps clients create e-commerce websites. 

Marketers should take a long-term view of their approach to SEO and not let the slow results deter them. They must invest time and money into creating an archive of top-quality contentthat is specifically designed to meet the needs of their target audience. To increase their site's authority, businesses can purchase backlinks -- situations where the same website links to another other websites that Google believes to be trustworthy.

4. Too many tools

SEO tools can speed up processes like keyword research, however the overuse of these tools could make it difficult to work. For instance the SEO strategist could employ one tool to conduct keyword research, another to track performance and an additional one for web crawling. If software stacks comprise multiple siloed tools users might be frustrated as they switch between various applications.

"It can be overwhelming,"" Godsey said. "One of the things I've had to deal with throughout the years is to cut down the number of sources I'm employing."

To improve the performance of the effectiveness of an SEO technology stack marketers should first recognize any feature duplicates. For instance, a company could pay for a separate tool for keyword research, but possess an internal Web crawler tool that comes with the ability to conduct keyword research on its own. In this instance marketers could be able to get rid of this tool as a standalone one. Additionally, marketers could decide replacing all or the majority of their siloed software by a suite of SEO software to enhance their software's UX.

In the past the algorithms of search engines have become more sophisticated and difficult to manipulate through shortcuts like the use of keywords. To succeed, marketers have to keep up with the changes in algorithms make high-quality content and increase their brand's authority. AI tools can aid in the process of making content however editors need to steer them in the correct direction. In addition, SEO marketers should develop an overall strategy over time and improve their SEO tools.

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